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Soothing Cat loves you and reminds you to breathe deeply.

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this game is quick but incredibly powerful (and fun!), I heartily recommend it.

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Affectionate Ladies c. 1900s-1980s

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Oh no, the book I’m reading for class just got kinky

and that’s on top of the simmering queer lust!

two hundred pages of tense racial politics and then suddenly in the last third this book gets SUPER FUCKING HOT and it’s kind of awesome but also not exactly something I wanna talk about in CLASS.

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frankenstein's monster ; mothra ; alien ; golem ❤

when you fall apart, what pulls you back together?

The relentless march of time? Anabolic steroids. I don’t know; I’m honestly kind of horrible at self-soothing. I think talking out my feelings with a supportive friend is the only thing that makes me feel like I have actually pulled myself together, rather than just waited it out.

what is something dangerous that attracts or fascinates you?

NOTHING. DANGER IS BAD. (See this gifset.)

…I’m seriously racking my brains, here. Does travelling alone count? I kind of love the “nobody has any idea where I am or what I am experiencing” aspect of exploring an unfamiliar city on my own, which doesn’t feel scary at the time but which other people often regard as dangerous. (It’s so freeing, though, to be completely alone with my self-determination, thousands and thousands of miles away from anybody’s preconceptions of who I am. It makes it easy to imagine a lot of different future selves, and try them on; some of my best life decisions have their seeds in trips I took alone.)

what is your strangest feature?

People are often surprised to discover I am allergic to grass! I was surprised to discover that most people are able to sit on the lawn without getting horrible rashes; a lot of common social activities suddenly made a lot more sense to me, like picnics, and sports.

if you could make up an imaginary friend, what would they be like and why?

Well, for a while as a kid I pretended that the yellow power ranger was my imaginary friend, because TV had impressed upon me the idea that clever and imaginative children always had imaginary friends, and I wanted to be seen as clever and imaginative. I think I picked the yellow power ranger because I would have liked to be her friend in real life? I made my parents serve her imaginary food at dinner (on real plates), and pretended to play board games with her. I think I attempted to get my parents to read her bedtime stories after they’d finished reading me mine for the night, but they saw through that one.

If I had one now, I think I’d want someone who filled the emotional niche of the super-cuddly cat I petsat for a while back: low-key companionship with regular reminders to, like, eat, or sleep.

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Sunday Afternoon by ianception

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goddamn dorks need to get a room